These are the steps to be followed with your horse:

from the paddock or stable of origin to its final destination.

 Put together groups of horses as an economic unit, in order to     reduce costs.
 Respect the deadlines required by every client
 Manage all sanitary requirements on a timely manner.
 Carry out all customs formalities.
 Process certificates of origin, consulate visas, export certificates    (pedigrees, etc). Keep to central bank regulations.
 Obtain terrestrial means of transport (in case of rain as well as to     have an alternative loading space) This includes our stables in     Pilar (62 boxes).
 Reserve quarantines.
 Organizing transportation and stabling, when there are no direct     flights.
 Providing with skilled grooms or horse keepers –vets or not- for     the assistance of horses during, loading, flight, unloading ,     transportation, etc.
 Providing whatever is necessary for the trip and to ensure the    care of the horses, feeding troughs, bandages, blankets, food,    water. Checking the condition of the boxes.
 Top–quality medicine and tranquilizers for any eventualities.
 Making sure that the loading and unloading equipment is as     suitable and safe as possible (we have had to build and design     it in order to make it safer, reliable and resilient, loading systems     in different airports)
 Confirming that the papers to be presented on destination are     ready and the right ones, and the necessary means for a safe     unloading are available.

Dear customers, friends, acquaintances, organizations, associations, readers: We could describe our many other tasks, worries and preventions that take place on a daily basis, but we simply believe you are aware of them, which is why you choose us and that makes us really proud. Besides, we like our job!

UNICORN solves problems and that´s what we want!
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:: Services
Unicorn is above all a service company, a company with a colling to serve.

This means that the goal of our service is your peace of mind, your relaxation, finding solutions to your problems.

Offering a service entails a great range of activities, as well as providing our clients with counseling regarding the fields of health, logistics, exporting and customs at all times.

It would take too long to explain in detail the know- how we have acquired in 35 years, shipping over 45,000 horses of all breeds, but especially sport breeds, where each horse is a unit in itself but travels in groups of 1, 3,5,17 or 100 horses- which is quite a difficult thing to accomplish.

This has been achieved already in 66 countries each of them with its own health requirements -even in the different destinations within each country. On some occasions we have had to manufacture health certificate (for sanitary means) for Argentina and other countries -including the one about British requirements to enter from Argentina to Great Bretain.

Being sport horses, they must normally reach their destination on time and in proper shape to be able to perform their task, that is, taking part in the sport events of each country in the corresponding season. Therefore, it is indispensable to keep to the agreed dates, which is by no means easy.

Here is a concise description of our services,

We provide counsel on the best conditions a horse must travel in -so that the horse can also have a pleasant trip- taking into account season and weather changes. In these cases we provide whatever is needed. We have experienced and skilled horse grooms, as well as the necessary medication (tranquilizers, anti-colic medication), halters and muzzles of the best quality and design - which is one of the landmarks our horses travel with . Besides, we know which horses – because of their temper or any other reason- need special treatment.
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